Dairy Alternatives

Soya Milk & Beverages Plant:

Soya Milk & Beverages Plant: In association with prosoya-canada, ssp now provides complete solution for:

Flavoured Soy Milk

Soy milk can be formulated by addition of sugar and flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Malt etc. to produce tasty soy milk drink. The Soy milk produced can be sterilized in UHT plant and can be packed in 250ml, 1000ml aseptic packing. The Plant capacity from 200 L/H to 6000 L/H in skid mounted condition.

Soy Milk Powder

SSP also offers suitable multiple effect Evaporator to concentrate soy milk upto 22% followed by Spray Dryer for manufacture of Soy milk powder.
Instant Soy milk powder can be made by addition of lecithination system along with Spray Dryer.


SSP invests in advanced training to promote knowledge in the area of technical development, research and production, creating preconditions for innovations. Thus Customers are assured that SSP will respond to their specific needs in a quick and reliable manner.
Hi-energy efficiency and Hi-purity exhaust process developed by SSP have helped to reduce the load over nature. SSP guarantees that all matters relating to your project will be taken into consideration to ensure tailor-made solution exactly suited to your needs.


SSP aims at achieving Complete Customers Satisfaction. We assume responsibility not only for the supply of equipment but also for installation and commissioning. We provide training to your plant operators and make them understand Do's and Don'ts regarding all aspects of process and machinery. We act as procurement office for spare parts and undertake everything needed for successful operation of dairy plants.

Almond Milk Plant

ProSoya manufactures almond milk base at 10-11% solids for sales to eastern US and Canadian users. The extract is sold in tanker loads for large scale users and in bag-in-a-box totes (220 gallons and larger) for medium scale users. Deleted a sentence. Pure almond milk base is produced at up to 5 times concentration of normal almond milk.

For more Details please visit the Prosoya Website

Cashewnut Milk Plant

ProSoya now has the technology and know-how to economically manufacture great tasting cashewnut milk. The beverages are fortified with calcium and vitamins and are highly stable in ESL as well as shelf stable (aseptic) packagings.

For more Details please visit the Prosoya Website