Edible & Pharma Grade Salt

Mechanical Salt Refinery

Crude Salt is fed into the feeding hopper of suitable capacity and it is then transferred to a belt conveyor. This belt conveyor will be fitted with a magnet to remove rubbish metal and will also be provided with a belt weigher with totalizer. Crude salt is pre-washed in special washing system. This is then fed to the feed in hopper of the wet mill for grinding. Wet mill is used to grind the salt with the help of saturated brine solution. This mixture is then passed to the slurry tank that is fitted with a slow speed agitator.

This slurry is then pumped through centrifuges, high pressure pump, centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, gear pump to the wash tank by a slurry pump, wherein dirt is removed from the slurry. The overflow from the wash tank is collected in a clarifier wherein brine is clarified and re-circulated in the plant. This is then pumped to the hydro cyclone by a slurry pump for thickening of the slurry.

Process Flow For Mechanical Salt Refinery

Process Flow For Mechanical Salt Refinery

Vacuum Salt Refinery

The process involves dissolving of salt in water and making a saturated solution of salt. The saturated brine is pumped out to a brine clarifier, where the insoluble settles at the bottom of the clarifier and clear brine solution is taken to a brine tank. In the brine tank required chemicals are added to precipitate out magnesium and calcium salts present along with the salt. The brine is then filtered and taken to the final brine tank. From this tank saturated brine is fed to the continuous evaporation plant where Crystallization takes place and slurry is pumped out to a concentrate tank. This salt slurry is then pumped to a hydro-cyclone battery to get a slurry concentration up to 50-60%. This slurry is fed to a centrifuge, and from the centrifuge salt cakes with 4-5% moisture comes out. The salt with 4-5% moisture is fed to a fluid bed dryer through a screw conveyor where the iodization is completed.

In the Vibro Fluid Bed Dryer, the salt is fluidized by hot and atmospheric air for drying and cooling the salt. The salt is then taken through a bucket elevator to a sieving machine. The oversize particles are collected and sent for re-dissolving in the final brine tank. To the crystallined salt is then added the free flowing agent in a screw mixer and finally sent to a storage silo.

The salt packaging is done from the silo by a FFS machine in 1 kg. Packs or it can be packed in bags as per requirement.

Process Flow Vacuum Salt Refinery

Starch & Derivaties flow diagram

Pharma Grade Salt Refinery

White crystalline sodium chloride manufactured under stringent process control procedure with 99.99% purity is called pharmaceutical grade salt.

Pharma salt is an important material in the medical industry, which is used in numerous medications, dietetic foods, dialysis and infusion solutions..

Pharma grade salt can be prepared from vacuum salts with >98.0% NaCl purity by treating with different chemicals.

Process Flow

Pharma Grade Salt

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