Extraction Systems

Extraction Systems

Extraction Systems

  • Vaccum Batch Extraction System
  • High Pressure Extraction System
  • Continuous Counter Current Extraction System

Vaccum Batch Extraction System

Batch type extractors consists of a steam jacketed cylindrical pan with a top feed part for raw material loading. A hydraulically openable bottom to discharge the wet residue after extraction is also available. A vacuum condenser line from the top of the extractor recovers product aroma, organic solvents or essential oils.


  • Herbal / Phytochemicals extraction for soluble matters
  • Natural Dyes Extraction
  • Hydrolyzed Meat Extraction
  • Extraction of Poly phenols and other active components from orthodox, CTC, Oolong tea, black tea and green tea in small batches.

High Pressure Extraction- Single or Multiple Columns (7-8 Stages)

Pre sized / crushed / feed material is weighed and charged into stainless steel extractor columns which are connected in series. Extraction temperatures and the no. of columns can be varied as per the process requirement. This type of high pressure extraction columns are very useful for the products which requires leaching of soluble matters with greater degree of hydrolisation by pressure, temperature. The extractor is available as semi-automatic or a fully PLC controlled system.


  • Roast and ground coffee for soluble coffee extraction with high yields upto 51-55% on R&G Robusta Coffee beans.
  • Herbal / Phytochemicals extraction for soluble matters
  • Protein Hydrolisation with high yields
  • Mineral Extraction for in organic compound leaching.

Continuous Counter Current EXTRACTION System-Single Stage / Two Stages

In the continuous counter current type extraction system, the feed is transferred through a controlled screw feed conveyor. Pre sized herbs will be fed at the lower end of the extractor and hot water / organic solvent at the top end of the extractor. The residence time for solid liquid extraction can be controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) as required for different raw materials. The same extractor can also be used for liquid-liquid extraction for separation of different active components in two liquid phases.

All the variables such as temperature of extraction, time required for extraction process, raw material feed rate and solvent media feed rate is controlled through the PLC program.


  • Beverage coffee Extraction
  • Instant Tea Processing
  • Natural Herbs for Phytochemical extraction
  • Natural Dyes Extraction
  • Separation of active components from herbs in liquid-liquid extraction

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