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Gelatin is derived from Degreased Crushed Bones (DCB) through acid treatment followed by alkaline process. DCB are first treated with acid for removal of inorganic salts in bone. The bones after acid treatment are referred to as Ossein.

Ossein is then treated with alkali for partial hydrolysis. During the partial hydrolysis the collagen material is softened from the non-collagen. Non-Collagen gets removed with weak alkali solution. The temperature is controlled during maceration and liming to avoid any yield losses. Limed Ossein is then washed with water and then treated with dilute solution of weak acid. Ossein after weak acid treatment is taken for Gelatin extraction.

Gelatin is extracted in the form of weak liquor, which is then filtered and passed through ion exchange (deashing system) for reduction of the dissolved ash(dissolved minerals) in the gelatin solution. This de-ionized weak liquor of Gelatin is then concentrated under vacuum to avoid any destruction to the basic tri skeleton structure of gelatin. So our gelatin processing plant or gelatin extraction plant is very useful.

Concentrated liquor is then passed through sterilization system followed by extrusion for making noodles to facilitate proper drying of Gelatin in the next stage.

Gelatin drying is very critical process since fast heating will melt the gelatin instead of drying and slow drying will result in gelatin moisture out of limits so Gelatin is dried very carefully with dehumidified air by gradual increase of temperature gradually to 60OC.

Dried Gelatin is then crushed to required mesh size as per the market demand. During Gelatin manufacturing DCP is produced as a byproduct. Which is a main constituent for the cattle and poultry feed.

General Block Diagram Depicting Gelatin Manufacturing Process from Degreased Dry Bones


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