Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre:

State of the Art in-house Innovation Centre, recognized by DSIR Ministry of Science & Technology Govt. of India, which is working towards:-

  • Development of new process technologies
  • Qualitative improvements in plant by enhancing energy efficiency
  • Achieving import substitution & providing frugal solution

Our Innovation Centre Motto:


Innovation Centre is equipped with:-

  • Pilot Plants
  • Laboratory
  • Technical Library
  • Data Bank
  • Documentation Center

Latest Innovation Centre Endeavors include:-

  • Evaporator without Condenser system
  • Freeze drying system
  • Aroma recovery system for Pure Aroma
  • Spray dryer cum agglomorator
  • High pressure extraction system for improvement in quality and yield.


Process and System for Recovery of Water and Salts from Desalination Plant Brine Reject Leading to Zero Liquid Discharge System


System and method for treatment of molasses based distilleries


SSP has applied for 3 patents and many more in the pipeline.

Celebrating 4 Decades