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Instant Coffee Plant

Coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. Due to its caffeine content, coffee has a stimulating effect in humans. Today, coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Approximately 90% of world coffee production is represented by the species Coffeaarabica; about 9% by the species Coffearobusta; with minor production from the species Coffealibericia. Most processed coffee available in the market is differentiated in terms of Aroma, Blend and Flavor which comes from the way it is processed. Processing coffee to a perfect blend and taste is an art and requires excellent techniques of extraction, roasting, concentration, aroma recovery, spray drying and agglomeration.


SSP has designed and supplied coffee extractors, instant coffee powder plant, aroma recovery system, evaporator, spray dryer and agglomerator to quite a large number of instant coffee manufacturers in India and abroad which are running successfully. With our core competency lying in the field of evaporation and drying technology SSP has collaborated with leading manufacturers of green coffee cleaning, blending, roasting and grinding equipment manufacturer to supply instant coffee plants on turnkey basis. SSP has also collaborated with leading companies for supply of continuous freeze drying equipment for production of freeze dried coffee. Coffee produced from SSP's plants have excellent aroma due to our extensive knowledge and experience on coffee. SSP offers the most energy efficient soluble coffee processing technology and are in a position to supply upto 15TPD instant coffee production plant. Coffee plants with smaller capacities are also available e.g. 50 kg/hr, 100 kg/hr, 150 kg/hr, 200 kg/hr, 250 kg/hr of instant powder production capacities.

Few Features of SSP’s Plant

  • Integrated Evaporation and Aroma recovery system, both of which can be controlled from one PLC.
  • Saves lot of energy as pre-heating is carried out with generated vapors in the evaporator.
  • The system provides aroma at a higher concentration and is not diluted with water vapors.
  • Availability of concentrated Aroma allows higher concentration feed to Spray Dryer, which increases productivity.
  • Unique Agglomerator design ensures stronger particle with less fines.
  • Aroma Recovery System consists of Rotating Stripper Column which makes it sturdy and easier to handle.
  • SSP evaporators are most energy efficient. In a 5 effect plant with TVR the specific steam consumption is 0.12 KG/Kg i.e. 1 kg of steam evaporates 8 kgs of water.
  • Flexibility in Agglomerator for obtaining required bulk density.

Instant Tea Plant

SSP has designed this plant to manufacture instant quality tea from leaves. Tea Extraction Plant provides a fine quality of tea. The process in tea processing plant includes extraction, separation of waste, evaporation and spray drying. Plant size can vary from a minimum of 5 kg/hr of instant tea to a very large capacity like 1000 kg/hr. The plant is made complete in Stainless Steel wherever product is in touch. The space required for a plant of this size is 500sq.yard. 
Fresh Green leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis is one of the main raw materials for this instant tea production. This type of plant is available throughout the year in abundance.


  • Instant tea is manufactured from black tea by extracting the brew from processed leaves, tea wastes or undried fermented leaves.
  • The extract is concentrated under low pressure, and dried to a powder by any of the processes including freezing, drying, spray-drying and vacuum-drying.
  • Low temperatures are used to minimize the loss of flavor and aroma.

Instant green tea is manufactured by similar methods but hot water is used to extract liquor from powdered leaves. Instant tea needs to be stored in airtight containers or bottles, because they absorb moisture very quickly.

Chicory Powder Plant

Innovative process for production of 100% Chichory Powder

Spray dried 100% chicory powder contains considerably higher content of fructose. SSP has developed a process by which chicory powder with 30-35% inulene content can be produced from the chicory roots.

The process steps are:

  • Roasting of Chicory cubes
  • Continuous extraction
  • Spray Drying

The powder is free flowing in nature and the design of spray dryer ensures no sticking inside the chamber.

Coffee Creamer Plant (NDC)

In some countries Non-Dairy creamer / coffee whitener is used for whitening of coffee or tea.

Non-Dairy creamer / coffee whitener normally consist of:

  • Maltose Syrup - 60 to 64.5%
  • Corn / Palm Oil - 30.8 to 35%
  • Sodium Caseinate - 2.1 to 2.5%
  • Emulsifying Agent - 0.05%
  • Moisture - 2.5%

The final specification of coffee creamer which is instantly soluble free flowing white powder is as under:

  • Moisture - 2.5 to 3.0%
  • B.D - 0.35 to 0.5 g/cc
  • Mean Particle Size - 150 µ (micron)
  • Solubility Index - 0.1 to 0.5

The manufacturing process has the following steps:

  • Mixing of Ingredients
  • Homogenization of Mixture
  • Spray Drying

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